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For Quality: 60 Second Frog Hops (Video) 6 Inchworms (Video) 6 Reverse Lunges - Each Side

40 Second Push-ups 4 Inchworms 4 Reverse Lunges - Each Side

20 Second Burpees 2 Inchworms 2 Reverse Lunges - Each Side


“Shenanigans” - Every 3 Minutes x 7 Rounds: 12 Odd Object Ground to Overhead (Video) 8 Lateral Burpees Over Odd Object 12 Odd Object Reverse Lunges (Video) 8 Lateral Burpees Over Odd Object

Body Armor and Finisher

4 Rounds (Video):

30s Max Double Dumbbell ("Odd-Object") Row

30s Max Chest Slap Pushups

30s Max Double Dumbbell ("Odd-Object") Romanian DL

30s Max Pushups

Rest 1:00 between

“Train Out Of The Box!"

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